Working Team

PLENT activities are driven by a team of volunteers from different countries. There is no formal structure but just a permanent contact, discussion and sharing of the tasks agreed to be carried out among members.

The team is always open to new participants willing to contribute their time and effort towards the common goal.

The Working Team in 2015 comprises the following persons:

    • Alvarez, Priya (USA)
    • Aström, Gertrud (Sweden)
    • Castellanos, Cristina (UK)
    • Castro, Carmen (Spain)
    • García, Oscar (Denmark)
    • Hyllander, Klas (Sweden)
    • Jurado, Teresa (Spain)
    • Nieto, Mariano (Spain)
    • Pazos, María (Spain)
    • Seigelshifer, Valeria (Israel)
    • Siciarek, Marta (Poland)

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