Debate between PLENT and ETUC at the European Parliament

Next Tuesday, 3 rd May 2016, PLENT (International Platform for Equal, Non-Transferable and 100% Paid

Parental Leave) will participate in an event organized by the GUE/NGL (European United Left – Nordic

Green Left – European Parliamentary Group): “Reviving Parental Leave rights in the EU”. In this debate,

our colleague María Pazos will present the PLENT proposal. We are grateful to the GUE/NGL for this

opportunity to discuss our proposal with members of the ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation)

and with European MPs, so that we can demand together a European Directive for Equal, Non-

Transferable and Fully Paid parental (paternity and maternity) leave in all EU member states.


9.00-9.10 am: General introduction by Gaby Zimmer

9.10-9.35 am: Session 1 — European legislation on rights to parental leave

Chair: Kostadinka Kuneva

– Introduction — 5 min

– Montserrat Mir Roca, ETUC Confederal Secretary for gender equality — 10min

– Maria Pazos, PLENT representative — 10 min

9.40-10.20 am: Session 1 Panel Discussion

10.20-10.25 am: Topic 1 conclusions by Angela Vallina — 5 min

10.30-11.00 am: Coffee break

11.00-11.25 am: Session 2 –Specific cases of good and bad practices regarding parental leave

Chair: Malin Bjork

– Introduction — 5 min

– Joa Bergold, Research Officer on parental leave, welfare politics, equality politics, class and

gender, at the Swedish Trade Union Confederation — 10min

– David Joyce, Equality Officer & Global Solidarity Officer of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions

(ICTU) — 10min

11.25-12.10 pm: Session 2 Panel Discussion

12.10-12.15 pm: Topic 2 conclusions by Tania Gonzalez — 5 min

12.15-12.30 pm: Synthesis of conclusions and closing remarks by Joao Pimenta

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