Welcome to CESI [Croatia], new PLENT partner

CESI – Center for Education, Counseling and Research is established on 8th March 1997 – International Women’s Day, in response to problems of the violation of human rights, in particular women’s and minority rights, nationalism, militarisation, and the deterioration of economic standards in the post-war period. Members of several women’s and peace initiatives founded it, all of which have many years of professional experience working with women war survivors. Many volunteers and activists contribute to development and achievement of our goals and activities.

CESI is feminist organization that advocates for advancement of women in our society and realization of gender equality, and for full implementation of all laws and international mechanisms for the protection of human rights. Development of civil society we perceive as important precondition for development of democratic society.

By the regular staff and activists as well as our associate experts and volunteers CESI is implementing and developing actions thorough the main programs of: Social justice and equal opportunities, Social activism and political processes and Sex, gender and sexual rights as well through developing and providing of position papers and statements as well as expertise and services. CESI team is consisted of professionals, activists, researchers and educators.

CESI is joining the PLENT network because we do think that men can and should care for children as much as women, that women should have the same employment opportunities as men, we want children to see their fathers caring as much as their mothers and by that making a society of equal opportunities. Together with other EU initiatives gathered in PLENT we will make join actions and promotion of gender equaltiy . By CESI joining the PLENT network, public and relevant actors in Croatia will be more informed and familiar with measures and intiatives which can be done to achieve a gender equality in the society.  Happy to be part of the PLENT!

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