PLENT at the MenCare Global Meeting 2017

Last month (June 8-10, 2017), PLENT participated in the second MenCare Global Meeting, which was held in Belgrade, Serbia. Hosted by Promundo, Centar E8, and the MenCare Steering Committee, the meeting brought together MenCare partners and practitioners, activists, researchers and stakeholders working on fatherhood and gender equality.

PLENT was invited to present at the plenary our proposal of reform in all countries so that parental leave will be, for each parent, equal in length, non-transferable and paid at 100% wage replacement.

Here you can watch the video of the PLENT presentation by our member María Pazos (from minute 6:45):

And here you can find the ppt presentation:

As a result, we are delighted to welcome, as new PLENT members, the global organization PROMUNDO and also people from different countries: Alexa Hassink and Milena Do Carno (Brasil); Tatiana Moura (Portugal); Tsovinar Harutyunyan (Armenia); Andrea Santoro (Italy); David Bartlett (United Kingdom); Nigina Abaszade (Turkey). Many other people also showed their interest in our proposal and we are sure they will join the PLENT shortly.

It was an absolute pleasure for us to be with the MenCare people in Belgrade.

Please, keep in touch!

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